Lowlands University

The eighties BBC TV series ‘A Very Peculiar Practice’ by Andrew Davies had its outdoor scenes shot at both Keele University and the University of Birmingham. The scenes at Birmingham included the Vale and the lake, Chamberlain Tower, Muirhead Tower, University Centre and the education building. At Keele, the Student Union ballroom (before it was … Continue reading

Rita from Coronation Street sings…..

Our Rita on Coronation Street has been known to burst into song, especially during her days as a cabaret singer managed by Alec Gilroy. Back in the day, actress Barbara Mullaney landed a record deal and recorded an LP of songs. Never released on CD or download, its now on youtube.

Chess – Unheard Lyrics – You and I

Chess has been chopped and changed so much over the years, with lyrics being altered to fit the production, new songs being added and so on. After the cut ‘Press Conference’ was released on the recent re-release, I’ve looked at a few other Chess songs that have never, or rarely been heard. You and I … Continue reading

Lost lyrics : Lolita My Love

How Far Is It To The Next Town? From “Lolita, My Love”   How far is it to the next town? From this town, where hopes end. How long is it to the next town? From far out, at rope’s end. How far, how far, till its all behind me, To brand new highways that … Continue reading

Press Conference Lyrics, from Chess the Musical

It is no secret to friends that my favourite musical is Chess, by ABBA’s Benny and Bjorn, and lyrics by Tim Rice. Late last year a remastered 30th anniversary CD was released including three unreleased songs. Two of these turned up in later stage productions, ‘Der Kleine Franz’ – a Tyrolean drinking song and ‘Press … Continue reading